Technical content :Spiromesifen 240 SC (22.9 % w/w)

DOSAGE – 0.3 ml/liter of water

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Oberon Insecticide is a contact insecticide and acaricide that is effective against mites and whiteflies on various crops such as vegetables, fruits, cotton, and tea. It contains the active ingredient spiromesifen, which belongs to the chemical class of tetronic acid and is safe for beneficial insects. Oberon has long-lasting control against all stages of whiteflies and mites, and can help manage resistance to other products. It also has a trans-ovarian effect that reduces female fecundity and sterilizes eggs. Oberon is safe for the environment and can be used in integrated pest management programs.


Chilli, apple, corn, orange, moong bean, Ground nut, string bean, cacao, rubber, soybean, coffee, chrysanthemum, mango, melon, cucumber, rice, shallot, palm seedling, banana, watermelon, tea, tobacco, and tomato, Orchids.

Crops Target Pests

Brinjal- Red Spider Mite

Apple- European Red Mite, Red Spider Mite

Chilli -Yellow Mite

Tea- Red Spider Mite

Okra- Red Spider Mite

Tomato -White Fly, Mite

Cotton -White Fly, Mite

Technical content :Spiromesifen 240 SC (22.9 % w/w)

DOSAGE – 0.3 ml/liter of water


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