Technical Name: Profenofos 50% EC

Dosage – 1.5-2ml/liter of vwater

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Curacron is an insecticide that is formulated with the active ingredient Profenofos. It is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is used to control a wide variety of pests in different crops such as cotton, vegetables, and other field crops. The mode of action of Curacron is by feeding inhibition and paralysis, causing the pest to quickly die. Curacron is a cost-effective solution for growers, as it can be mixed with other established and new products. In cotton, it is used to control Whitefly, Jassids, Thrips, Bollworms, Mites, and Heliothis armigera eggs. In chilli, it is used to control Budmite and in onion, it is used to control Thrips. The dosage rate for Curacron ranges between 800-1000ml/acre for cotton, 250ml/acre for cotton, 800ml/acre for Mealy Bug and 500-750ml/acre for chilli and 500ml/acre for onion

Target Insects/Pests

White fly (Adults), Jassids, Thrips, Bollworms & Mites.

Mode Of Action: After feeding on a Curacron treated plant or crawling over a treated leaf, the pest is first paralyzed and then quickly dies.

Technical Name: Profenofos 50% EC

Dosage – 1.5-2ml/liter of vwater

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