Technical content

Pymetrozine 50 % WDG

DOSAGE – 1gm to 1.5gm/litre of water.

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Chess Insecticide is a novel insecticide that is used to control Rice plant hopper, Aphids, and Whiteflies in crops such as Paddy, Brassica Vegetables, Potatoes, and Stone Fruits. The active ingredient, Pymetrozine, disrupts the feeding behavior of insects by directly affecting the nervous system, resulting in permanent inhibition of feeding on the treated plant host. The product is highly selective and does not harm beneficial insects. It is also easy to handle and does not produce dust. The recommended dosage is 1-1.5 gm/liter of water. It is important to note that the product should be applied using appropriate equipment and in accordance with the label instructions to ensure safe and effective use.


CROPS – Paddy, Brassica Vegetables, Potatoes & Stone Fruits.

INSECTS AND DISEASES – Brown Plant Hopper (Hopper burn), Aphids.


Insect feeding behaviour is disrupted with the direct effect on the nervous system with permanent inhibition of feeding of treated plant host.

Chess has got an excellent penetration ability and can overcome rain fastness. Acts as contact, stomach poison, translaminar and systemic.

Technical content

Pymetrozine 50 % WDG

DOSAGE – 1gm to 1.5gm/litre of water.

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