Zampro Fungicide

Technical content : Ametoctradin 27% + Dimethomorph 20.27% SC

Dosage : 1.5-2ml/litre or 320-400ml/ acre

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Zampro® is a novel fungicide developed by BASF to effectively control Downy mildew and Late blight diseases in crops such as Tomato, Potato, Grapes, and Cucurbits. It offers a new mode of action and is designed to provide best-in-class resistance management for these critical diseases.

Here are some key benefits of using Zampro®:

1) Advanced disease control: Zampro® is recognized as one of the most advanced fungicides for controlling Downy mildew and Late blight diseases. These diseases can cause significant damage to crops, leading to yield losses and reduced quality. Zampro® offers effective protection against these pathogens, ensuring the health and productivity of the crops.

2) High intrinsic efficacy: Zampro® demonstrates high intrinsic efficacy against the infectious stages of oomycetes, which are the group of microorganisms that cause Downy mildew and Late blight diseases. This high efficacy ensures reliable control and helps in preventing the spread of these diseases.

3) Adsorption and redistribution: Zampro® exhibits high adsorption and redistribution capabilities. This means that once applied to the plants, the fungicide is efficiently taken up and distributed within the plant tissues. This enables thorough coverage and long-lasting protection against the targeted diseases.

4) Resistance management: Zampro® is a valuable tool in resistance management strategies. By employing a new mode of action, it provides an additional line of defense against the development of resistance in the targeted pathogens. This helps in maintaining the effectiveness of the fungicide over time.

5) User-friendly formulation: Zampro® is available in a user-friendly SC (Suspension Concentrate) formulation. This formulation ensures easy dispersion in water, simplifying the application process and enhancing convenience for the users.

6) Rainfastness and environmental profile: Zampro® demonstrates excellent rainfastness, with a rainfast period of 2 hours. This means that the fungicide remains effective even after exposure to rainfall shortly after application. Additionally, Zampro® has an excellent toxicological and environmental profile, meeting the necessary safety standards.

The mode of action of Zampro® involves inhibiting the formation and release of zoospores, as well as their motility and germination. It achieves this through a dual mode of action, which includes stopping the energy flow of the fungus and causing cell wall lysis.

Zampro® is recommended for use in crops such as Grapes, Tomato, Cucurbits, and Potato. When applying Zampro®, it is important to follow the product’s specific application instructions provided by the manufacturer. These instructions cover dosage, timing, and application techniques tailored to the target crops and diseases, ensuring optimal effectiveness and disease control.

In summary, Zampro® is a novel fungicide offering advanced control of Downy mildew and Late blight diseases in various crops. It provides high intrinsic efficacy, adsorption, and redistribution capabilities, and serves as a valuable tool in resistance management strategies. With its user-friendly formulation, excellent rainfastness, and favorable environmental profile, Zampro® is an essential component in crop protection for Grape, Tomato, Cucurbits, and Potato growers.

It appears you’re providing specifications for the use of Zampro fungicide on different crops to control specific target insects or pests. Here’s the breakdown of the information you’ve provided:

– **Target Crops:** Grapes, Tomato, Potato, Cucurbits
– **Target Insects/Pests:**
– Grapes: Downy Mildew
– Tomato: Late Blight
– Potato: Late Blight
– Cucurbits (such as cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, etc.): Downy Mildew

– **Dosage per acre:**
– Grapes (Downy Mildew): 320-400 ml per acre
– Tomato (Late Blight): Specific dosage is missing. Please provide the dosage for tomato.
– Potato (Late Blight): Specific dosage is missing. Please provide the dosage for potato.
– Cucurbits (Downy Mildew): Specific dosage is missing. Please provide the dosage for cucurbits.

It’s important to note that the dosage recommendations may vary based on factors such as the severity of the pest or disease, local conditions, and the specific formulation of the fungicide. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, label recommendations, and any local regulations or guidelines when applying pesticides to ensure effective and safe use.

Please provide the missing dosage information for tomato, potato, and cucurbits if you have it available.

Technical content : Ametoctradin 27% + Dimethomorph 20.27% SC

Dosage : 1.5-2ml/litre or 320-400ml/ acre

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