Technical content:  Fluopyrum 34.48% SC

DOSAGE – 250 to 300 ml/acre and must be applied up to 15 days of transplanting.


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Velum Prime is a nematicide that contains the active ingredient fluopyrum. It is used to control root-knot nematodes, which are a type of nematode that attack the roots of crops and cause the formation of knots on the roots. Root-knot nematodes are a common problem in India and can cause significant economic losses to farmers. Velum Prime offers fast, effective, and long-lasting control of root-knot nematodes and has a good safety profile for both the operator and the environment. It can be applied at a rate of 250 to 300 milliliters per acre, up to 15 days after transplanting, and is suitable for use on tomato crops. The active ingredient fluopyrum works by inhibiting Complex II of the mitochondrial respiratory chain in nematodes, causing them to become immobile and eventually die.

INSECTS/ DISEASES – Root knot nematode (Meloidogyne incognita).

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