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Iprovalicarb + Propineb 6675 WP (5.5% +61.25% w/w)

DOSAGE – 3-4gm/ liter of water

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Melody Duo Fungicide is a modern fungicide containing the two active ingredients Iprovalicarb and Propineb.

Melody Duo Fungicide is an effective control for a range of fungal species from the oomycete class, including Plasmosporaviticola, Phytophthora spp., Pseudoperonospora spp, and Peronospora spp. It is used in crops such as grapes and potatoes, where downy mildew and late blight can cause significant economic damage. Melody Duo Fungicide has a high plant compatibility and is highly efficient, providing antisporulant, protective, and eradicative action. It protects young developing leaves and shoots, improves the quality and disease-free produce at harvest, and promotes resistance management through the synergistic combination of its two active ingredients. In potatoes, it should be applied as soon as late blight symptoms appear on the leaves, with additional applications depending on disease intensity.

In grapes, it should be applied at the 3-4 leaf stage, followed by one or two more sprays at 10-12 day intervals based on disease intensity.

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