Technical content : Topramezone 336g/L W/V SC

Dosage : 30-40ml/acre

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TynzerTM is a herbicide specifically designed for corn farmers to effectively control narrow leaf and broadleaf weeds in their fields. Developed by BASF, TynzerTM has been tried and tested by progressive farmers across India, making it a reliable choice for corn weed management. This herbicide provides excellent control over weeds while ensuring the safety and health of the corn crop.

The benefits of using TynzerTM in corn cultivation are as follows:

1. Effective control of narrow leaf and broadleaf weeds: TynzerTM is highly efficient in managing both types of weeds commonly found in corn fields. It targets and suppresses the growth of these unwanted plants, reducing their competition with the corn crop for nutrients, water, and sunlight.

2. Safe and greener corn: TynzerTM is formulated to specifically target weeds while maintaining the health and vigor of the corn plants. It is designed to be selective, meaning it primarily affects weeds and has minimal impact on the corn crop, ensuring the safety and quality of the corn yield.

3. Yield advantage: By effectively controlling weeds, TynzerTM helps corn plants to thrive without competition, resulting in higher yields and improved crop quality. It allows corn to maximize its potential and produce better harvests.

The mode of action of TynzerTM involves the active ingredient Topramezone. Once applied, TynzerTM is absorbed by the roots and shoots of the weeds, where it begins its action. The herbicide disrupts the weed’s ability to take up nutrients from the soil, leading to their gradual control and eventual elimination from the field. Within 10 to 12 days of application, TynzerTM effectively controls weeds, including their root systems.

For optimal efficacy, TynzerTM is recommended to be used in combination with Flux and Outright herbicides. This combination enhances the control of weeds and ensures a more comprehensive weed management approach.

To apply TynzerTM, it is important to consider the growth stage of the weeds. Narrow leaf weeds should be targeted when they reach a height of 2 to 3 inches, while broadleaf weeds should be treated at the 2 to 3 leaf stage. It is crucial to have sufficient moisture in the soil during application, and it is advised not to anticipate rainfall within the next 2 to 3 hours after application.

For every 1 acre of land, a stock solution is prepared using 30ml of TynzerTM and 500g of Flux in 9.5 liters of clean water. One liter of this stock solution is then added to a knapsack sprayer tank with a capacity of 16 liters. Additionally, 30ml of Outright is added directly to the tank. For 1 acre, approximately 10 spray pumps are recommended.

It is important to note that Flux is provided free with TynzerTM to enhance weed control effectiveness. When applying TynzerTM, it is crucial to use appropriate herbicide application nozzles, such as flat fan nozzles, for optimal coverage and distribution.

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Personal protective gear should be worn during the handling and application of TynzerTM to ensure safety.

In summary, TynzerTM is a selective herbicide for corn that effectively controls narrow leaf and broadleaf weeds. Its mode of action inhibits weed growth, ensuring the safety and productivity of the corn crop. Following the recommended application guidelines, including the use of Flux and Outright in combination, will result in successful weed management and maximize corn yield.

Technical content : Topramezone 336g/L W/V SC

Dosage : 30-40ml/acre

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