Technical Content : Tembotrione 42% SC (34.4% w/w)

Dosage  : 115ml/ acre.

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Laudis herbicide is recommended for use in corn fields to control a wide range of broadleaf and grassy weeds. It contains the active ingredient Tembotrione, which is known for its bleaching effect on plants. Tembotrione inhibits the activity of the 4 hydroxy-phenyl-pyruvate-dexygenase (4 HPPD) enzyme, which disrupts the formation of carotenoids in plants. Carotenoids are plant pigments that play a crucial role in protecting chlorophyll during photosynthesis. Without sufficient carotenoids, chlorophyll becomes susceptible to damage from excessive light, resulting in chlorophyll bleaching.

The effects of Laudis herbicide become visible quickly after application, and the full weed control effect can be observed within a few days. One of the key benefits of Laudis is its crop safety, as it has no known variety restrictions, meaning it can be used on various corn varieties without causing harm. It consistently delivers effective performance and offers a broad spectrum of weed control.

Laudis is also known for its fast action and rainfastness, meaning it remains effective even after exposure to rain shortly after application. It provides maximum convenience as it can be applied from early to late post-emergence, allowing flexibility in weed control timing. Additionally, Laudis has minimal carryover potential, reducing the risk of impacting future crops.

The recommended dosage for Laudis herbicide is 115 ml per acre. When applied according to the specifications, Laudis can effectively control weeds such as Echinochloa sp., Trianthema sp., and Bracharia sp. in corn fields.

Technical Content : Tembotrione 42% SC (34.4% w/w)

Dosage  : 115ml/ acre.

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