Technical content

Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64%.(72% WP)

DOSAGE – 300-500gm/acre or 30-50gm per pump.

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Tata Master Fungicide is a unique fungicide formulation that contains a combination of the systemic fungicide Metalaxyl 8% and the contact fungicide Mancozeb 64%. It is available in the form of a wettable powder (WP) with a total active ingredient concentration of 72%.

Tata Master Fungicide provides outstanding control of diseases caused by Oomycetes, which are serious plant pathogens. The combination of Metalaxyl and Mancozeb ensures durable protection of target plants during the period of active growth, both from the inside due to the systematic activity of Metalaxyl, and from the outside due to the contact action of Mancozeb. This fungicide is particularly effective against downy mildew of grapes and other crops. it’s also used to control late blight of potato and tomato, blotch of onion, damping off in tobacco, and cardamom among others.

Tata Master Fungicide can be used on a variety of crops, including grapes, potato, tomato, onion, and tobacco. It is effective against a range of diseases such as Downy mildew, Late blight, Damping off, and onion blotch.

The recommended dosage for Tata Master Fungicide is 300-500gm per acre, or 30-50gm per pump. It should be applied to the crops using a sprayer, and be sure to follow the instructions carefully when using Tata Master Fungicide, and take necessary precautions to avoid any exposure or risk of exposure to the human and animals, and observe the mandatory waiting period before harvest to ensure it is safe to consume.


CROPS – Grapes, Potato, Tomato, Onion, Tobacco.

INSECTS – Downy mildew, Late blight, Damping off, onion blotch

Technical content

Metalaxyl 8% + Mancozeb 64%.(72% WP)

DOSAGE – 300-500gm/acre or 30-50gm per pump.

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