Polyram Fungicide

Technical content : Metiram 70% WG

Dosage : 4-5g/litre of water or 800-1000g/acre

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Polyram is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide belonging to the EBDC group, making it suitable for a wide range of crops. It provides comprehensive disease protection by acting on multiple sites of the fungal pathogens. Additionally, Polyram contains a safe Zinc (14%) supplement, which contributes to better crop health and nutrition.

One of the notable advantages of Polyram is its versatile mode of action, known as multisite action. This means that it targets multiple points in the fungal pathogens’ life cycle, making it less prone to resistance development. By utilizing a multisite action, Polyram provides effective and long-lasting disease control, safeguarding crops from a broad spectrum of fungal diseases.

Polyram’s formulation is in the form of very small particles, known as water-dispersible granules (WG). This formulation offers several benefits during application. Firstly, the small particle size ensures better coverage of the plant surface, leading to enhanced biological activity. This means that more active ingredient comes into contact with the fungal pathogens, increasing the efficacy of disease control.

Furthermore, Polyram WG formulation suspends better in water and remains in suspension for a longer duration. This attribute is particularly beneficial during spraying, as it allows for a more even and consistent distribution of the fungicide across the crop foliage. Moreover, Polyram adheres well to the plant surface and can be easily redistributed by light rain or dew. This ensures that the fungicide remains effective even after exposure to environmental factors, providing extended disease protection.

The benefits of using Polyram include comprehensive disease control, improved crop health, and ease of application. It offers broad-spectrum protection against various fungal diseases, helping to maintain the overall health and productivity of the crops. Additionally, the inclusion of a safe Zinc supplement at 14% enhances the nutritional status of the plants, promoting healthy and green crop growth.

Polyram is recommended for application on crops such as tomato, groundnut, potato, grape, and rice. It is important to follow the recommended product application guidelines provided by the manufacturer to ensure optimal efficacy and safety. These guidelines specify the appropriate dosage rates, timing of applications, and spray techniques tailored to the specific crops being treated. Used for early blight, late blight, blast, brown spot, tikka disease, alternaria blight etc

In conclusion, Polyram is a valuable fungicide choice for farmers seeking broad-spectrum disease protection for their crops. With its multisite action and small particle size WG formulation, Polyram offers effective disease control, better coverage, and prolonged suspension in water. The added benefit of a safe Zinc supplement contributes to the overall health and nutrition of the crops. By incorporating Polyram into their spray programs, farmers can enhance crop health, productivity, and ultimately maximize their yields.

Technical content : Metiram 70% WG

Dosage : 4-5g/litre of water or 800-1000g/acre

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