Acrobat Complete Fungicide

Technical Content : Metiram 44% + Dimethomorph 9%

Dosage : 1-1.5 gm/ltr of water or 200-300ml/acre

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Acrobat® Complete is a cutting-edge fungicide developed by BASF to provide grape growers with a comprehensive solution for Downy Mildew control and resistance management. It combines the trusted and proven actives Dimethomorph and Metiram in a unique, balanced blend, offering enhanced protection against this destructive disease right from the beginning of the growing season.

One of the primary benefits of using Acrobat® Complete is its reliability in controlling Downy Mildew effectively. Downy Mildew is a significant concern for grape growers as it can cause severe damage to the vines, leading to reduced yields and compromised fruit quality. However, with Acrobat® Complete, growers can have peace of mind knowing that they have a reliable solution to combat this disease and protect their grape crops.

The convenience of a balanced active ingredient (AI) content in a premix formulation is another advantage of Acrobat® Complete. The premix formulation ensures easy dispersion and eliminates the need for mixing other molecules, simplifying the application process for growers. This saves time and effort, allowing growers to focus on other essential aspects of vineyard management while still ensuring effective disease control.

Resistance management is a crucial consideration in crop protection, and Acrobat® Complete serves as a valuable tool in this regard. It offers a dual mode of action with low-risk chemistry, combining the efficacy of Dimethomorph and Metiram. This dual action helps minimize the development of resistant strains of Downy Mildew, providing a sustainable solution for long-term disease management.

When applying Acrobat® Complete to grapes, it is important to follow the specific product application guidelines provided by BASF. These guidelines include recommended dosage rates, timing, and application techniques tailored for grape crops. Adhering to these guidelines will optimize the effectiveness of Acrobat® Complete and ensure comprehensive protection against Downy Mildew throughout the growing season.

In conclusion, Acrobat® Complete is a groundbreaking fungicide designed to offer grape growers a complete solution for Downy Mildew control and resistance management. By combining the trusted actives Dimethomorph and Metiram in a balanced blend, Acrobat® Complete provides reliable and convenient protection against this devastating disease. With its dual mode of action and low-risk chemistry, Acrobat® Complete supports sustainable vineyard management practices while ensuring optimal grape yield and quality. By incorporating Acrobat® Complete into their disease management strategies, grape growers can confidently protect their crops and achieve successful harvests.

Technical Content : Metiram 44% + Dimethomorph 9%

Dosage : 1-1.5 gm/ltr of water or 200-300ml/acre

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