Technical content : Hexaconazole 10% + Tricyclazole 45 % WG

Dosage : 1ml/liter of water or 200ml/acre

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Impression is a brand name for a fungicide that contains the active ingredients Tricyclazole (45%) and Hexaconazole (10%) in a Wettable Granule (WG) formulation. This fungicide offers several special features that make it effective in controlling complex diseases in crops, particularly in rice. It utilizes a synergistic and longer protection approach, combining strong systemic action and a two-way mode of action through melanin inhibition and de-methylation inhibition.

One of the key advantages of Impression is its ability to provide a one-shot solution for controlling disease complexes, specifically Blast and Sheath Blight in rice. By offering a comprehensive approach to disease management, Impression simplifies the treatment process and ensures efficient control of multiple diseases.

Impression also contributes to improved income for farmers. The fungicide promotes the development of more shining and bold grains per panicle, reduces breakage, and minimizes the occurrence of chaffy grains. These qualities result in higher yields and improved grain quality, ultimately leading to increased profitability per acre.

The mode of action of Impression involves the inhibition of melanin biosynthesis and sterol biosynthesis. Melanin biosynthesis inhibitors (MBIs) disrupt the production of melanin, a pigment essential for the structural integrity of fungal cell walls. By inhibiting melanin biosynthesis, Impression weakens the fungal structure and impedes its growth and spread. Sterol biosynthesis inhibitors (SBIs) interfere with the synthesis of sterols, which are crucial components of fungal cell membranes. Disrupting sterol biosynthesis compromises the integrity of fungal cell membranes, leading to cell death.

As with any agricultural product, the manufacturer provides a warranty stating that they guarantee the uniform quality of the product. However, they do not assume responsibility for factors beyond their control, such as the user’s application practices or environmental conditions.

Regarding label claim recommendations, Impression is recommended for use in paddy (rice) crops affected by Blast and Sheath Blight diseases. The recommended dosage is 500 grams of the formulation per hectare, mixed with 500 liters of water.

In summary, Impression is an advanced fungicide formulated to control complex diseases, particularly Blast and Sheath Blight, in rice crops. Its synergistic and longer protection approach, combined with its one-shot solution capability, simplifies disease management. By promoting improved grain quality and higher yields, Impression contributes to increased income for farmers. Its mode of action involves the inhibition of melanin and sterol biosynthesis in fungi. When used according to label recommendations, Impression provides effective disease control and supports the overall health and productivity of rice crops.

Technical content : Hexaconazole 10% + Tricyclazole 45 % WG

Dosage : 1ml/liter of water or 200ml/acre

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