Technical content : Abamectine 1.8 EC

Dosage : 0.75-1ml/litre of water

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Syngenta Agrimek® 1.8 EC is a powerful miticide/insecticide that provides exceptional and long-lasting control of mites and insects on fruits and vegetables. The active ingredient in Syngenta Agrimek is 18.0 g/L Abamectin, a potent insecticide that effectively controls difficult-to-manage pests such as two-spotted spider mites, which can be found on both the upper and lower surface of leaves.

Syngenta Agrimek® 1.8 EC is ideal for use on crops like soybeans, almonds, grapes, citrus fruits, sweet corn, and a variety of other vegetables. It offers locally systemic protection, which means it becomes absorbed by the plant and distributed through the tissues, providing a reservoir of protection against pests. This feature makes it an ideal choice for controlling pests that are difficult to reach with traditional contact insecticides.

Syngenta Agrimek® 1.8 EC provides long residual control levels, becoming rainfast once dry, making it an effective choice for long-lasting control of pests. It easily tank mixes with common crop protection insecticides, providing broad-spectrum control of other pests.

In summary, Syngenta Agrimek® 1.8 EC is an excellent choice for farmers looking to effectively control pests on their crops. It provides long-lasting protection, is rainfast once dry, and can be tank-mixed with other insecticides for broad-spectrum control of pests.

Technical content : Abamectine 1.8 EC

Dosage : 0.75-1ml/litre of water

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