Technical content : Metribuzine 70% WP

Dosage : 2-3g/litre of water

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Syngenta Adrino is a powerful selective herbicide that is specifically designed to control various weeds in crops like sugarcane, potato, tomato, soybean, and wheat. The herbicide is highly effective and acts through the roots and leaves of the weeds, making it suitable for both pre and post-emergence applications. The active ingredient in the herbicide is Metribuzin 70%, which is known for its broad-spectrum activity against a wide range of weeds.

When used as a pre-emergence herbicide, Syngenta Adrino requires that the soil be properly prepared and adequately moist to ensure maximum effectiveness. This is because the herbicide works by creating a barrier in the soil that prevents the weeds from emerging. The herbicide also works as a post-emergence herbicide by directly targeting the leaves of the weeds.

Syngenta Adrino is highly economical as it has a low dose per acre, making it an affordable option for farmers. Additionally, it does not leave any residual effect on the succeeding crop, which is a significant advantage for farmers. The herbicide is also easy to apply, and the recommended method of application is through foliar spray.

The recommended dosage of Syngenta Adrino varies depending on the crop being treated. For soybean, the recommended dosage is 200-300 gm/acre, for wheat, it is 100 gm/acre, and for potato and tomato, it is 300 gm/acre. For domestic use, 2 gm of the herbicide should be mixed with one liter of water.

Overall, Syngenta Adrino is an effective and affordable herbicide that provides excellent control of various weeds in crops. It is easy to use and has a broad spectrum of activity, making it an excellent choice for farmers looking for a powerful herbicide that is also economical.

Technical content : Metribuzine 70% WP

Dosage : 2-3g/litre of water

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