Technical Content :  Propineb 70% WP

Dosage : 4-6g/litre of water

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Syngenta Acoreli (Propineb 70% WP) Fungicide is a contact and preventive fungicide that contains Propineb 70% WP. It is effective in controlling various fungal diseases in different plants such as apple, pomegranate, potato, chilli, tomato, grapes, rice, cotton, and other vegetables and fruits. Acoreli works through a special mode of action that provides both contact and preventive action, making it an effective tool for combating and preventing the selection of resistant populations of fungal pathogens.

Acoreli’s multi-site complex mode of action makes it particularly suited for use in spraying programs to control and prevent fungal diseases such as scab, early and late blight, dieback, downy mildew, fruit spots, brown, and narrow leaf spot. It is absorbed by the leaves of the plants and provides long-lasting protection against fungal diseases.

One of the unique features of Acoreli is that it contains Zinc, which has a positive effect on the crop as a whole and improves the immunity of plants, resulting in higher yields and better quality. Zinc is an essential micronutrient for plant growth and development, and its inclusion in Acoreli provides additional benefits to the treated crops.

The recommended dosage of Acoreli for domestic use is 4-6 grams per 1 liter of water, while for larger applications, 600-800 grams per acre foliar spray is recommended. It is important to read and follow the product label instructions carefully to ensure that Acoreli is applied correctly and at the appropriate time for the crop being treated.

In summary, Syngenta Acoreli Fungicide is an effective tool for controlling and preventing fungal diseases in a wide range of crops. Its unique mode of action, inclusion of Zinc, and ability to provide both contact and preventive action make it a valuable addition to any pest management program. However, as with all pesticides, it is important to use Acoreli responsibly and follow the label instructions to minimize any potential risks to humans, animals, and the environment.

Technical Content :  Propineb 70% WP

Dosage : 4-6g/litre of water

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