Technical content

Metalaxyl 4% + Manconzeb 64%

DOSAGE – 1-1.5 gm/ liter of water.

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Ridomil Gold is a fungicide that is used to control a variety of soil and leaf diseases in different crops such as vegetables, grapes, citrus, potatoes, ornamentals, tobacco and cotton. It is a highly effective fungicide for controlling Oomycete fungi, which include diseases such as late blight and Downy mildew. The active ingredients in Ridomil Gold are Metalaxyl 4% and Manconzeb 64%. The fungicide is known for its hyper-systemic uptake and translocation properties which make it highly effective in protecting the crops. It can be applied in different ways such as foliage, soil or as a seed treatment. The recommended dosage is 1-1.5 gm/liter of water depending on the crop and the degree of infestation. It is an easy-to-use formulation and is highly effective in controlling oomycetes fungi.


Unsurpassed protection against soil-borne oomycete diseases.

Excellent crop protection due to hyper-systemic uptake and translocation properties.

Flexible application methods for at-planting treatment.

Easy-to-use formulation.


CROPS – Potatoes, Grapes, Tobacco, Vegetables, Citrus, Tomato, Turf, And Ornamentals.


Specific fungicide for control of oomycetes fungi (e.g. late blight and downy mildew diseases).

Can be applied to foliage, soil, or as a seed treatment.

Technical content

Metalaxyl 4% + Manconzeb 64%

DOSAGE – 1-1.5 gm/ liter of water.

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