Technical Content : Penoxsulam 10 g/L + Cyhalofop-butyl 50 g/L EC

Dosage : 2-3 g/ litre of water

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Syngenta Repivox Herbicide is a broad-spectrum herbicide designed for use as a late post-emergent treatment. It is specifically formulated to provide superior and long-lasting control of weeds, including persistent weeds such as Leptochloa and Cyperus spp. that may not be effectively controlled by other brands of herbicides. The active ingredient in Repivox is 60 g/L Bispyribac sodium in the form of an oil dispersion (OD) formulation.

When applied to crops, Repivox herbicide is rapidly absorbed by the leaves of the target weeds and then translocated throughout the plant, including to the roots and other underground structures. This systemic activity allows the herbicide to effectively control even the toughest weeds, resulting in cleaner fields and improved farm productivity.

Repivox herbicide is particularly effective against a wide range of annual and perennial grasses, as well as certain broadleaf weeds. It can be used on a variety of crops, including rice, wheat, and corn, among others. However, it is important to read and follow the product label instructions carefully to ensure that it is applied correctly and at the appropriate time for the crop being treated.

Overall, Syngenta Repivox Herbicide is a powerful tool for farmers and growers looking to effectively control weeds and improve the productivity of their crops. Its broad-spectrum activity and superior control of persistent weeds make it a reliable choice for late post-emergent weed control in a variety of crops.

Technical Content : Penoxsulam 10 g/L + Cyhalofop-butyl 50 g/L EC

Dosage : 2-3 g/ litre of water

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