Technical Content: Fluazifop-p-butyl 13.4 %EC

Dose/acre – 400-500 ml /acre.

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Fusiflex Herbicide is a post-emergence selective herbicide manufactured by Syngenta that is used to control key grass weeds in Soybean and Ground Nut crops. The active ingredient in Fusiflex Herbicide is Fluazifop-p-butyl, which is present at a concentration of 13.4% in the form of an emulsifiable concentrate (EC).

Fusiflex Herbicide is applied at the 3-5 leaf stage of the weed, which is the optimal time for controlling the weeds. The herbicide gets quickly absorbed by the leaves and translocates throughout the plant, which leads to the destruction of the weeds. It also performs well in all weather conditions.

The herbicide is considered safe for the crop and does not cause any damage to the crop. The recommended dosage of Fusiflex Herbicide is 400-500 ml per acre, which means that for every acre of crops, 400-500 ml of Fusiflex Herbicide should be used.

Technical Content: Fluazifop-p-butyl 13.4 %EC

Dose/acre – 400-500 ml /acre.

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