Technical content

Hexaconazole 5 % SC

DOSAGE – 2 ml/ liter of water

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Contaf Plus is a systemic triazole fungicide with a broad-spectrum of action against various plant fungal pathogens. It controls powdery mildew, rust, and leaf spots in a variety of crops such as paddy, cereals, plantation, groundnut, soybean, and other oil crops, as well as horticultural crops. It is a water-based formulation (Suspension Concentrate) that is eco-friendly, safe for the environment and the spray operator, has a quick absorption and translocation and provides phytotonic effect and enhances yields. The dosage is 2ml/liter of water.


Contaf plus is Protectant, Eradicant and anti-sporulant.

Effective against all type of diseases i.e. higher & lower fungal diseases.

Low toxicity to mammals, birds, fish and beneficial insect.

Quick absorption due to the systemic and translaminar action.

Systemic; moves from treated part to new growth; protects foliage & new growth between applications.

Contaf Plus 051 SC is a water based formulation (Suspension Concentrate), so it is

Eco friendly and safe to environment.

Safe to spray operator and environment.

Better absorption and translocation.

Contaf Plus gives Phyto-tonic effect and thereby enhances yields.

Enhanced Biological activity & Rain fastness.


CROPS – Paddy, Cereals, Plantation, Ground nut, soya bean & other oil crops & Horticultural Crops.

INSECTS/ DISEASES – Powdery Mildew, Sheath Blight, Rust, Leaf Spot, Brown Spot, Stem Root.

Technical content

Hexaconazole 5 % SC

DOSAGE – 2 ml/ liter of water.

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