Technical content : Broflanilide 20% SC

Dosage : 0.4ml/litre of water or 50ml/acre

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Alecto is a brand name for an insecticide containing the active ingredient Broflanilide (20%) in a Suspension Concentrate (SC) formulation. It is known for its newer chemistry and features Tenebenal Technology, which is a Meta-Diamide compound. Alecto belongs to the IRAC Group 30 insecticides and offers several special features that make it effective in pest control.

One of the key special features of Alecto is its smarter activity. It exhibits both contact and ingestion action, meaning it affects insects through direct contact and when they consume treated plant material. Additionally, Alecto has translaminar movement, which allows it to penetrate the leaves and move within the plant, providing better coverage and control of pests. It has a larvicidal effect, targeting the larvae of insects and effectively reducing pest populations. Alecto also offers better stability, ensuring its effectiveness over time, and exhibits strong rain fastness, remaining on the plant even after rainfall. It is characterized by temperature and photo stability, meaning it remains effective under different environmental conditions. Alecto provides higher safety as it is odorless and has a lower Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI) of just one day, allowing for timely harvesting of crops.

Alecto’s mode of action involves binding to GABA receptors in insects, which are responsible for transmitting nerve signals. By altering the properties of these receptors, Alecto inhibits the transmission of nerve signals, leading to over-excitement of the insect’s nervous system. This causes uncontrolled and involuntary movement, ultimately resulting in the death of the insect.

As with any agricultural product, the manufacturer provides a warranty stating that they guarantee the uniform quality of the product. However, they do not assume responsibility for factors beyond their control, such as the user’s application practices or environmental conditions.

Label claim recommendations for Alecto include various crops and common pests. For chilli crops, it is recommended for controlling pests such as Fruit Borer, Tobacco Caterpillar, Thrips, and Jassids. The recommended dosage is 125 ml per hectare, mixed with 500 liters of water. Similar recommendations are provided for brinjal, cabbage, and okra crops, targeting specific pests and providing dosage and water volume guidelines.

In summary, Alecto is an insecticide containing Broflanilide as the active ingredient, offering effective control of pests in various crops. It features newer chemistry with Tenebenal Technology and belongs to the Meta-Diamide group (IRAC Group 30). Alecto exhibits smarter activity through contact and ingestion action, translaminar movement, and larvicidal effect. It offers better stability, rain fastness, temperature and photo stability, and higher safety. Its mode of action involves binding to GABA receptors, leading to the over-excitement and death of insects. When used according to label recommendations, Alecto helps in effective pest management in crops, supporting crop excellence and resistance management strategies.

Technical content : Broflanilide 20% SC

Dosage : 0.4ml/litre of water or 50ml/acre

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